New universal magnetic drawer slide jig and cabinet extension hardware installation tool

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1. The Universal Drawer Slide Jig is the ultimate aid in installing drawer slides of almost any type, including side mount ball bearing or epoxy coated slides and even center mount slides!
2. The drawer slide jig takes the guesswork out of installing drawer slides. This easy-to-use jig holds the slides in position when drilling mounting holes in the cabinet, and it supports drawer boxes when mounting the slides in the drawer.
3. Press the template against the face of your cabinet and your slide is perfectly positioned level, with the correct return.
4. Sliding drawer jig simplifies drawer installation by aligning slides in cabinet and with drawer. Built-in tabs make the jig easy to align to support the slide inside the cabinet and to support the drawers when attaching the slides to them.
5. Slide-out drawer jig takes the guesswork out of indexing with the cabinet frame (or the side on frameless cabinets) for perfect alignment.
6. The slide-out drawer template is designed to be intuitive for beginners, yet sturdy enough for professionals. All you need are the slides you'll be using, a clamp, and the drawer slide jig, and you're ready to install drawer slides like the pros. Whether you are installing one drawer or dozens, the Sliding Drawer Jig provides fast, consistent results.

Product packaging:
1 x sliding drawer jig