Multifunctional Electric Tooth Polisher

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 Discover the ideal device to quickly and safely remove tartar stains from teeth while turning them white. It is manufactured in a medical way in order to prevent possible dental disease and to remove the problem of bad breath of the mouth. Its use allows to clean the teeth well and to whiten them naturally.

This new machine is a real portable dental office. It is effective against the following problems: Bad breath, yellow teeth, dental plaque, dental tea...
Make your smile more beautiful and exciting with this new teeth whitening machine.

It is portable and ergonomic. You can take it with you wherever you go and use it regularly like a regular toothbrush.

Feature :

  • 3,000 Per Minute Sonic Vibrations, It Can Provide Excellent Cleaning And Whitening.
  • This Product Gently Remove Tartar And Stains Without Hurting The Gums.
  • Sonic Pulses Is Helpful To Scale Plaque, Silicone Dental Needles Can Shape Healthier Gums.
  • Ultra Bright LED Light Ensures Clear Vision When You Are Using.